Turki Ibn Abdullah Al Saud, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 12243, Saudi Arabia
+966 11 444 2224


AmyRoko is a talented one of a kind comedian, and a lighthearted content creator. Coming from her unique medical background and fueled with the youth’s passion, she carved her own way through multiple social media platforms. From Vine where Amy’s voyage started and showed her audience a distinctive form of comedy that granted her a wonderful entourage to Instagram, Snapchat and most recently to YouTube, where Amy was featured as a guest in a “Telfaz11” show named “Jagabov”, and the Kuwaiti YouTube show “Sewar Shuaib”.

Amy’s noticeable skills and light content made her perfect for starring in the well-known animation YouTube show, Masameer, in a series titled “Arwa wa Lateefa”, and most recently, featured as a correspondent reporter for Bader Saleh’s late night talk show “Al-Laila maa Bader” in a segment titled “Amy’s Logiuc”.