Turki Ibn Abdullah Al Saud, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 12243, Saudi Arabia
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Nadia Dandachi

Nadia Dandachi is a natural musician who by the age of 6 experienced the audience in her first public performance. Later, she became a sensational pianist and a profound composer. Nadia saw in the social media a stage with a view to the whole world, considering music as a language which all the livings understand. Nadia regularly uploaded here videos on weekly basis in her YouTube channel reaching to a massive number of audience from all over the world from different ages and backgrounds as she speculated. Nadia performed in many local and international events, making playing piano seem effortless with her flawless performance. In 2006 Nadia won 1st place at the International piano competition of Princess Lella Meryem in Rabat, Morocco, and soon after, she also won an ISESCO prize for her performance. In addition, in her performance in “Arab Got Talent” show she got all the judges acceptance and blessings on her first audition.